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The        Eye Exam
The emergence of innovative 3D technologies in movies, video games, and classrooms provides a unique public health opportunity.

The ability to perceive depth in a 3D presentation is a highly sensitive test of a range of vision health indicators. 3D viewing requires both eyes functioning in a coordinated manner as they converge, focus and track 3D images.  

A comprehensive eye examination tests for eye coordination, focusing and disease that can affect 3D viewing. 

You should ask yourself or others the following about 3D viewing:

  • Is 3D viewing only enjoyed by others?

  • Is 3D not seen when viewing 3D technology?

  • Is 2D viewing more comfortable than 3D viewing?

  • Does nausea or dizziness occur during or after 3D viewing?

  • After 3D viewing, is it difficult to adjust back to normal 2D viewing?

The answers to the above are indicators of a vision problem or disease. The good news is that once identified, these conditions generally respond well to treatment.

Teachers who use 3D in the classroom are encouraged to observe their students closely when using this technology to advance learning, vision and health.

Valuable information regarding 3D technology for individuals and educators can be found at:


“I am a visual learner and 3D pictures made it easier to learn.?

“Structures seen in 3D are easier to understand.?

“I could not see my video games in 3D. My optometrist discovered I have an eye muscle problem and treated it.?

“My classroom has 3D technology that impacts performance in math and science?

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